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Calling to each other with chirps and yelps, a species of bird and a tribe of humans in southeast Africa forage for honey in unison.

Findings by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization show how healthy forests are tied to agriculture

Efforts to store water have been so successful families are now using extra water to grow crops for export.

The risk of women resorting to selling sex could exacerbate their risk of infection, UNICEF says.

Innovative construction technique could be cheaper, safer and protect the country’s dwindling forests

Kenyan law grants widows the right to live on their late husbands' property until they die, but poor women are often evicted by land-hungry relatives.

Each year on June 20 is designated as World Refugee Day to shine a light on the courage and resilience of families forced to flee war or persecution.

Will worsening climate conditions drive the poorest from their homes? That's not clear, at least in Malawi

Bionic Leave

Dubbed "bionic leaf 2.0", the technology uses solar panels to split water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen

The number of Texas women who have had a self-induced abortion could be as high as 240,000

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